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Αvocado and lemon juice.  

Avocado contains magnesium, potassium, glutathione (which has antioxidant), vitamin B complex, vitamin E, vitamin K, zinc and iron in greater concentrations than in other fruits which are widely consumed. Also is rich in vitamin A and C. Is considered full nourishment for the skin. Because of containing vitamins has significant healing and moisturizing the skin. If spread in the skin acts as a filter for the radiation age. It ' componets have the ability to penetrate of the skin and acting moisturizing and softening.


Lemon is rich in vitamin c, flavonoids which are antioxidant , vitamin complex B, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium. Because of vitamin C but also of  high antioxidants, lemon helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, skin blemishes and fights free radicals.

Lemon also has substances that can kill the bacteria that cause acne and applied topically on scars or blemishes.


Μanufacture of mask     

The flesh of a ripe avocado in mash with a fork
Juice of  half a lemon
Mix well the mixture until it becomes like cream, spread on the face and leave for 15 minutes. 

Rinse with water and cotton. It is ideal for dull skin, with fine lines and wrinkles.

Maria Pan, Clinical Biologist

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This is the biggest secret of many cosmetics companies.

The basic material is nothing more than oats. Oats is a cereal rich in vitamins of complex B, full in vitamin E, manganese, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc. It has intense antioxidant action since it has polyfainoles and carotenoids.

Manufacture of cream

In a glass jar put:
4 spoons of soup oats
(Is important to find organic oats so as not supercharge the skin with chemicals.)
Additional bottled water to cover the oats.
Leave half an hour up to chelate.

After having seen that the mixture has become porridge, apply it with a brush all over the face and let it acts for 5-10 minutes.
Rinse gently with warm water and cotton.

Applying this cream once a week and your skin will become more shiny, and gets elasticity. The most important is that is bleaching and helps to removing discolorations.

Mary Pan, Clinical Biologist

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the best vegetable source of protein. 1 cup contains 15 grams of protein, but lacks of amino acids methionine and cysteine and for that reason and must be consumed with nuts and cereals.  


rich in vitamins. Is good for the skin, brain, eyes and bones. A cup of cooked Broccoli contains 5.8 grams of protein.  


contains flavonoids which are anticancerHelps our brain, skin, eyes and bones. A cup of cooked spinach contains 5.4 grams of protein.



contain Vitamins A, C, K, B6, folic acid, thiamine. They have antioxidants, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Is a vegetable with no fat and cholesterol. Also are low sodium. 100 grams of brussels sprouts have 3.8 g of protein.


is the perfect accompaniment to the food. We can eat it as a snack. A cup contains 3 grams of protein. Are rich in vitamin A,C,E,K, vitamins complex B, selinium, magnesium, zinc, potassium. 

Mary Pan, Clinical Biologist

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The mastic is unique both for its nutrients and its origin, as the mastic tree only grows on the island of Chios in Greece.

It is super food because of its many beneficial effects and the precious ingredients contained.

It has strong antiinflammatory action.  
Heal mouth and stomach wounds even colitis and hemorrhoids.   
Is analgesic, 
contributes to erythropoiesis,  
helps in arthritis,  
is expectorant,    
and hemostatic.  
antidote το acne,  cancer, ulcer, mastitis, gingivitis, warts, smelly mouth and atherosclerosis. 

Even small dose  (1 mg per day for 2 weeks) can cure peptic ulcer which is caused from Helycobacter pylori, due to mastic antimicrobial effect.
Also it serves as a food preservative against Salmonella, Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas.
The mastic oil is also used in cosmetics. Has anti-aging effects, enhances the synthesis of collagen and skin elasticity.
Detoxicates the liver,
decreases Cholesterol.
Has antiviral effect
Protects teeth, gums and oral cavity.

Mary Pan, Clinical Biologist

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1. Salmon
Is rich in omega-3 (Ω-3) fatty acids that are essencial for the breakdown of fat.

2. Yoghurt
So as egg an yoghurt is rich in protein and is effective to lose weigh. Protein stays more in the stomach while the body burns more calories in digesting proteins than carbohydrates

3. Eggs
An egg has 75 kcals and 7 gr protein. Also is rich in vitamin B12 which contributes in the fast decomposition of fat. This could be a great breakfast with a little wholemeal bread.

Stabilizes blood sugar and this could limit the appetite especially in people with type 2 diabetes. Add cinnamon to your coffee or tea to get the feeling of sweetness.

5. Hot peppers
Have capsaicin which increases metabolism and helps in weigh loss.

6. Green tea
Is suitable for burning abdominal fat. Contains catechins, which enhances the metabolism.

7. Vinegar
Burns fat and gives nice taste in our salad with no calories.

8. Nuts
Rich in proteins, fiber, good fat for our heart. Can appease hunger directly. Is a perfect snack when we are outside the house. The moderate consumpion of walnuts can improve cholesterol levels.

9. Coffee
Activates metabolism and fat burning. We should prefere black coffee because with added sugar or milk and cream we have a full meal with many calories and fat.

Mary Pan, Clinical Biologist

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Pomegranate is a souper food because of the precious ingredients (vitamin A,C,E and folic acid) and the beneficial effects on our body.

1.Retards aging since is antioxidant and prevents free radicals.Protects our heart and vein system.Makes us feel healthier and our skin shines.
2.Protects the kidneys as a pomegranate extract pseserves against toxins.
3.This fruit juice not only protects the liver but also contributes to the regeneration of it.
4.Strengthens the immune system.Vitamin C that contains stimulates the body and shield it against viruses and cold.
5.Is rich in polyphenols which reduce biochemical reaction associated with allergies.Also they heal bones and prevent osteoarthritis.
6.Protects DNA because it is antioxidant
7.It has preventive effect against breast cancer,prostate cancer and skin cancer.
8.Normalizes blood pressure and protects from high blood pressure.
9.Helps to regulate blood sugar and fights inflammations.
10.At the end prevents or slowing down Alzheimer's disease.

Mary Pan, Clinical Biologist

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What we need for beautiful, shiny and strong hair? The answer is a balanced diet!

Meat and seafood. Meat protein has the highest biological value. Also the meat consumption gives us Zn and Cu witch are fighting hair loss. We can get Cu while we eat dark chocolate, beans and nuts.

FOLIC ACID Contributes to cell multiplication.Green leaf vegetables such as spinach, lettuce and beans.Unfortunatelly is sensitive in high temperature (the loss is more or less 50-90%).For than reason we should consume vegetables fresh or light cooked.

VITAMIN E Nuts and olive oil.Vitamin E is the vitamin of youth.Also is antioxidant.That means that prevents the creation of free radicals and this delays the process of hair ageing.In combination with vitamin C the rule of vitamin E increased.Vitamin E can getted from olive oil,nuts,oat,spinach,eggs,fishes,green bean. Selinium is antioxidant too. Sources of selinium are fishes(also full in Ω-3),whole grains,liver,chicken fillet.

VITAMIN C Sources green and red peppers, broccoli, potatoes, oranges, lemons, Brussels sprouts.Vitamin C is important for collagen creation, a protein witch is basic for the tissue of the root of hair. Also is a great antioxidant. Prevents ageing.

VITAMIN A Is crucial for regular circle life of cells. The vitamin A deficiencies can cause dryness and fragile hair. Sources liver, dairy, eggs, butter. β-carotin is also necessary because is pro-vitamin A.Is antioxidant too and is detectable in fruits and vegetables with bright coulor as carrots, spinach, broccoli.

Maria Pan, Clinical biologist 

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Mission accomplished! Perfect skin without botox or face lift .

Only with these 6 tips 

1. Drink water

at least 2 lts per day!It sounds excessive but it's very effective.Try this for a month and you will be surprised with the result!You will see your face getting clearer and clearer every day. Dark circles will be considerably reduced.Fine lines and wrinkles will be less noticeable.



Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για γυμναστικη3 times per week is sufficient to help to eliminate toxins, to oxygenate our tissues.A basic hormone that secreted during exercise is the growth hormone which improves the quality of sleep and skin .Increases after 30 minutes of aerobic exercise and exercise with weights.This hormone decreases while we grow up.But with only 3 times a week we can stop time





is a source of youth since during the bedtime some enzymes activates and correct many cell mistakes.Also while we are sleeping our skin gets full of collagen.8 hours per day specially 12 am to 8 am is enough to make the skin become more elastic and bright.Don't forget to sleep in the deep dark because only this way melanin can be produced. 


4. Nutrition

is also important not only for a perfect skin but also for a healthy and strong body.As Hippocrates says we are what we eat!A balanced nutrition  based in mediterranean diet offers all the necessary components such as proteins,carbons,lipids,vitamins,metals and minerals.We should avoid consuming fried food and oils except for olive oil witch contains all the lipid acids necessary for our health,veins,heart and skin.


5.Face cleaning

Every woman must have her daily routine witch contains a good face cleaning,make up remover with a gentle product (there are many of them special for each type of skin).After this using a tonic lotion is also necessary to remove every single dust or rags.That procedure must be repeated every night before sleeping.Don 't forget it girls!!!


There is a magic product of our kitchen witch can help us to get a smooth and soft skin.This is brown sugar.Don't eat it just use it as a scrub mixed with extra virgin olive oil.If you can't find this use almond oil,is also suitable.Both olive oil and almond have vitamin E witch protects our skin from ageing and fixes damages.Vitamin E also prevents oxidative stress in our cells.



Maria Pan, clinical biologist